Faith Leaders Take a Stand for HERO in Campaign’s First TV Ad

Today, September 24, Houston Unites launched its first TV ad to set the record straight on Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance – and why it’s vital that the ordinance is protected this fall. In the TV ad, religious leaders take center stage to show support for a YES vote on Proposition 1 to uphold HERO and keep non-discrimination protections on the books.

This strong message of support from the faith community is a huge turning point for the campaign – and it’s about a LOT more than one 30-second TV spot. Right now, opponents to HERO are working overtime to sway voters with irrelevant language and scare tactics about bathrooms. This ad could be the first time that some Houstonians have heard the truth about HERO.

Rev. Brandon Peete explains in the ad what HERO is at its heart:

[HERO is] A local tool that makes sure folks in our churches and all Houstonians can earn a living, have a place to live, and be served by a business.

Pastor Rudy Rasmus cites the Golden Rule as the reason he supports the ordinance, saying, “As Christians we believe in treating others as we want to be treated.” His wife and fellow pastor, Juanita Rasmus, backs him up, saying: “We are all God’s children.”

All Houstonians deserve to be treated fairly and equally. That’s why it’s surprising that before Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance was instated, there were no explicit laws protecting people in the city from discrimination.

HERO goes a long way to ensuring that hard-working Houstonians have equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and provide for their families. It has made Houston a safer, more inclusive, and more attractive city.

Help us make sure that this powerful ad is seen far and wide. Donate to Houston Unites today, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) will double all donations up to $100,000 – until next Tuesday at midnight.