Business Owner Aims to Send the Message that “Houston Is Open for Business”

Bobby Singh • Houston Business Owner

Bobby Singh has called Houston home for the past 34 years and is proud to have started his business in our city. Houston is close to his heart – and that’s one of the many reasons he’s a proud supporter of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.

For Bobby, his support Proposition 1 is about ensuring that everyone in our city – no matter their race, gender, veteran status, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability – is treated with dignity and respect under the law.

“To me, equal means equal,” Bobby said. “Unless we are willing to treat every member of our community with the same dignity and respect – and to make sure they don’t face unfair treatment – we’re going to have to change what the word ‘equal’ means.”


As a business owner, Bobby also supports Proposition 1 because it will help continue to grow Houston’s economy.

“We are very business-friendly and a vibrant, modern, cutting-edge city,” he explained. “The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance makes us stronger and more competitive. That is important to business owners like me.“

Bobby wants to see Houston continue to be in the running – as it is today – for major sporting events, conventions, concerts, art exhibits, and other attractions that bring millions of dollars into our city’s economy every year.

He points out: “In 2014, there were more than 360 conventions in Houston. We had more than 774,000 visitors, who had an economic impact of $485 million.”

But Bobby fears that if Propositon 1 doesn’t pass, this November, the wrong message would be sent to not just to community members, but also to associaitons and businesses everywhere. Houston Equal rights Ordinance ensures that all people are protected under the law , and without it, some of these major attractions could look at other locations.

If we reject the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance he says, “We’re sending a clear message to the rest of the country that we aren’t a business-friendly destination. That, depending on who you are, we might not want to do business with you. That’s wrong,” said Bobby.

For Bobby, his support for Propositon 1 isn’t all business, either – it is also grounded in his real-life experience as a person of faith.

“As a member of the Sikh community, I wear a turban, and, needless to say, I sometimes stand out in a crowd,” Bobby said.

Part of why Bobby loves Houston is because it is a city that has truly embraced people from all backgrounds. “I see Houston as an international city and a welcoming city. We have broken down the barriers and the hurdles that hold other cities back,” he said.

Bobby believes that Propositon 1 protects that image of a world-class city where we all have the opportunity to live, work, and do business.

Bobby’s company is one of the hundreds of Houston companies that have already announced their support for the Houston E R Ordinance, because, as Bobby says, “Being in business means being open to everyone. I know by talking to my colleagues and my customers that they feel the same way.”

SinghFamilyBobby is asking everyone who values Houston’s reputation as a great place to live and do business to join him in voting YES on Propositon 1 this November.

“Let us send a strong message to people across the country and across the world,” he said. “Houston is open for business.”

If you own a business – of any size – and would like to join our Houston Businesses Unite for Proposition 1 Coalition, click here.