Final Deadline: Major Fundraising Match before Final Finance Reports are Due

Below is an email that Senator Sylvia R. Garcia sent today to announce an important $10,000 fundraising matching challenge with City Council Member Ellen Cohen, to raise funds in advance of the campaign’s final finance reporting deadline this Saturday. 

I hope we can count on you to protect Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), friend.

There are 36 hours until the final finance reporting deadline. What we raise between now and then will determine if Houston Unites will have the resources to run the plan this campaign needs to win.

So City Council Member Ellen Cohen is stepping up to double your donations to fund next week’s final push to protect HERO—but only for the next 36 hours.

Give $6 now and Council Member Cohen will match your donation instantly. Every penny will fuel the final efforts to get out the YES vote on Proposition 1 to uphold Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.

Houston Unites has a clear path to victory—running two more TV ads and knocking on 60,000 doors before Election Day.

But right now, there isn’t enough money in the bank account to cover these expenses. That’s why thousands of Houstonians are stepping up and that’s why I’m asking for your help, friend.

In the next 36 hours, when financial reports are finalized, we’ve got to come out in the lead. That’s how we’ll win on Election Day. It’s that simple.

We have until Friday at midnight, friend. Donate $6 now and each and every dollar up to $10,000 will be matched in support of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.

In a matter of days, we’ll know the fate of HERO. Let’s give this our all for the city we love.

Senator Sylvia R. Garcia