Houston Association of Realtors Endorses HERO as an Extension of Code of Ethics

HRA TwitterToday, the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) pledged their support of a YES vote on Proposition 1 to uphold Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.

This is the latest in a steady line of endorsements from the Houston business community, including big names in the hospitality industry and major players in local development.

For HAR – which represents 31,000 areas in the area and is the second largest realtor association in the country – support of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance was an easy decision, according to Chair Nancy Furst:

The HAR sees HERO as an extension of the Code of Ethics to which licensed Realtors must adhere each day to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of all real estate consumers.

HERO gives Houstonians a local tool to deal with issues of discrimination, including discrimination faced in housing. It’s hard to believe that before the Equal Rights Ordinance was passed last year there were no explicit local protections from discrimination in employment, housing and public spaces like restaurants, hotels or entertainment venues.

Since its passage, a large majority (86%) of discrimination reports were based-on race or gender. In a city as diverse as Houston, protections like the equal rights ordinance are necessary to sending the message that the city is welcoming and open for business to all.

The HAR understands the true value of HERO, which is why they signed on saying:

Our 31,00-member association respects and celebrates Houston’s diverse population, and we believe HERO complements the Realtor commitment to conduct business without discrimination of any kind.

HERO will come up for vote on Election Day, November 3rd. Join HAR and pledge to vote YES on Proposition 1 to uphold Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.