Poll Commissioned by the Houston Association of Realtors Finds a Majority of Houstonians Will Vote Yes on Proposition 1

Results from last month’s poll of 500 registered Houston voters shows a majority intend to vote to uphold Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) this upcoming Election Day, November 3rd.

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The poll was commissioned by the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR), which was one of the first major associations to pledge support for HERO late last month.
HAR Chair Nancy Furst said of the poll:

HAR has always had a voice in political matters affecting local real estate, and we commissioned the poll in an effort to enlighten our members about the candidate that best represents the interest of the citizen of Houston and the real estate industry. Our 31,000-member association, the largest trade association in Houston, is regarded as the leading authority on real estate and the integral role it plays in quality of life issues.

The Yes on Proposition 1 campaign is one initiative to ensure all Houstonians are treated fairly and equally under the law. In less than a month, HERO will go up for public vote at the ballot box. A Yes vote on Proposition 1 would protect the city’s equal rights ordinance and ensure that Houstonians retain this local tool for dealing with discrimination claims in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Since HERO was passed last year, 56% of all discrimination reports have been on the basis of race. Gender was the second leading basis for reported discrimination in Houston.

The HAR commissioned poll, which was conducted by American Strategies, a leading D.C.-based research firm specializing in political polling, indicates strong public favor for HERO which protects people from discrimination across 15 classes, including race, gender, military status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

To pledge your support for Houston’s Equal Rights Campaign and a Yes vote on Proposition 1, click here.