Important Fundraising Match Launched with Texas Freedom Network
Below is an email sent today announcing the launch of an important $15,000 fundraising matching challenge with our partners the Texas Freedom Network. 
It’s hard to believe, friend—but Election Day is in just 55 days.
That means we have less than two months to continue building the campaign we need to defend our equal rights ordinance; Less than two months to reach hundreds of thousands of Houston voters and urge them to vote Yes on Proposition 1; Less than two months to ensure everyone is Houston is treated equally under the law.
Here’s some good news, though: I just got off the phone with our partners, the Texas Freedom Network—and they’ve offered to double every donation made to our campaign, up to $15,000, until Tuesday, September 15.
Pitch in right now and Texas Freedom Network will double it—instantly! Every single dollar will fuel our grassroots campaign to protect Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.
I won’t sugarcoat it, friend: At this point in the campaign, we REALLY need to meet this goal before next Tuesday.
Texas Freedom Network’s match is exactly how we’ll hire more staff to reach voters in every region of the city. It’s how our ads can stay on the air to combat our opponents’ lies and tell the truth about Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance. With Election Day just around the corner, we can’t let this opportunity go to waste.
Give right now—and Texas Freedom Network will match your donation dollar-for-dollar:
This is a big challenge, but with the grassroots enthusiasm supporters like you have shown already, I know you’re up for it.
Thanks for everything,
Richard Carlbom
Campaign Manager, Houston Unites