KPRC 2 Joins the Ranks of Prop 1 Supporters with Editorial Endorsement

A Yes vote on Proposition 1 is a vote for treating everyone in Houston fairly and equally under the law.

KPRC 2 joined the ranks of businesses, media outlets and proud Houstonians who support a Yes vote with an editorial endorsement, reading:

Houston is a welcoming city where everyone should be able to enjoy it’s bounty equally and free of discrimination.

Voting against equal rights will not only harm some of our citizens that need protection but will also cause harm to Houston’s image, economic development, and ability to attract new employers.

KPRC-2 Twitter

KPRC 2 is the second local Editorial Board to announce its public support of Proposition 1, after the Houston Chronicle issued a fierce editorial late last month.

As the most diverse city in the world, it’s surprising that before Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) was passed, there were no local tools for dealing with discrimination.

A Yes vote on Proposition1 protects HERO and thereby ensures that a broad range of hardworking Houstonians – regardless of race, age, gender, military status, sexual orientation or gender identity, among 9 other protected classes – has the opportunity to earn a living, have housing, and take care of their families without fear of discrimination.

Most large and small companies already have non-discrimination policies in place – that cover both sexual orientation and gender identity, in addition to other classes – and want to see those policies reflected in their communities. If HERO is repealed, Houston risks business backlash like what Indiana experienced when it passed LGBT discrimination legislation in March.

HERO is good for business and it’s good for Houstonians. Click here to submit a pledge to vote Yes on Proposition 1 to uphold Houston’s non-discrimination ordinance.