Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker Contributes $50,000 in Matching Gift Challenge to Support Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance

Yesterday, Mayor Annise Parker announced that she will double every donation made to Houston Unites, up to $50,000, until Thursday at midnight.

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This is the biggest matching gift challenge the campaign to protected Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance has seen to date. And it could not have come at a more timely moment.

With only 7 days remaining until the final votes are cast on Proposition 1—the ballot initiative to decide the fate of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance—the race is point for point.

Polls show that 1 in 5 Houston voters are still undecided on whether they’ll vote YES on Proposition 1 to uphold HERO. With 20% of the city on the fence, the vote could swing either way.

Between now and closing time on Election Day, we are working overtime to ensure we reach a maximum number of Houston voters with the truth about HERO and why a YES vote on Proposition 1 is so critical to the future diversity and prosperity of our great city.

We’ve mapped a path to victory and determined that if we knock on 60,000 doors and run 2 more TV ads through the weekend, we can have a clear shot at landing a majority YES vote on Proposition 1.

Mayor Parker’s robust matching gift challenge is our single biggest funding source for this last major campaign push before Election Day. We must raise $50,000 before Thursday at midnight or we won’t have the resources needed to execute our plan.

To help fund this final major campaign push, meet the Mayor’s challenge and pitch in $5 to protect Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.