Houston Moms Voice Staunch Support for Proposition 1 in Latest Video Ad, Defying Opposition Claims

Houston moms are taking a strong stand in support of Proposition 1 – and defiantly against false claims made by opponents of our city’s equal rights ordinance. Watch below:

Over the weekend, opponents of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) released a video ad featuring Lance Berkman, a former Houston Astros baseball player, in which he launches one bold-faced lie after another in an attempt to undermine HERO.

Namely, he cites “the violation of privacy and discrimination against women” as reasons to vote no on Proposition 1, a Houston ballot initiative to uphold HERO.

Well: Houston moms aren’t buying it.

Today, we’ve released an ad featuring Houston moms and families in staunch support of Proposition 1. And they’re not afraid to call Berkman out on his lies and wrong assumptions:

We have been deeply disturbed by false claims made by the opponents of Proposition 1 about the ordinance’s impact on restroom privacy and safety.

Opponent of Proposition 1 claim that the law would put women and children at risk and allow sexual predators to enter women’s restrooms. That’s simply not true. Indecent exposure, harassment and assault in restrooms is already illegal. Proposition 1 won’t change that.

The fact of the matter is, Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance actually protects women – amongst 14 other classes, including pregnancy and family status – from discrimination in employment, housing and public spaces like malls, restaurants, and doctor’s offices. Since HERO became law, gender-based discrimination has been the second most frequently reported type of discrimination.

This bears repeating: the second most frequently reported cases of discrimination are gender-based.

Contrary to opposition claims, discrimination reports show that women rely on Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance as a local tool to get the help they need when they are subject to discrimination.

Houston’s moms say it best:

[The opposition’s] false claims distort what Proposition 1 is really about. Proposition 1 protects women, children and families. And helps ensure all Houstonians have a fair opportunity to earn a living, provide for their families and build a better life on the same terms as anyone else. Vote yes on Proposition 1.

Join Houston moms, and pledge to vote YES on Proposition 1 to uphold Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.