BREAKING: Latest Ad Buy of the YES on Prop 1 Campaign is Live, Highlighting the Diversity of Houstonians Protected Under HERO

At 10:30AM today the latest TV ad for the YES on Prop 1 campaign will air for the first time. The message:

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is really about giving all our neighbors a fair shot.

Where people are judged by how hard they work.

Where my neighbor can’t be fired because he served in the military or because she’s getting older.

Where families with kids aren’t denied apartments. And where no one is denied entrance because of the color of their skin.

Working hard, looking out for our neighbors, that’s what makes Houston strong. Vote yes on Proposition 1.

The ad features a diverse cast, including leaders from the faith community, a military veteran, a supporter representing Houston’s aging community, a pregnant mother, a family, and members of the African American community.

These are only 6 of the 15 classes protected under Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which is up for public vote on the Houston ballot.

HERO needs a majority YES vote on Proposition 1, or it will be repealed. Without a local equal rights ordinance on the books, Houstonians will have no local tool to deal with discrimination and be forced to file costly and time consuming federal lawsuits.

This is the experience of attorneys Brandon Ball, Dan Scarbrough, and Ken Pigee—three African American men who experienced racial discrimination at the downtown Gaslamp nightclub and had to file a federal lawsuit since HERO was suspended in July. The three men are also featured in the ad released today.

As Mr. Ball said at a press conference regarding the lawsuit: “We represent who the ordinance is trying to protect.”

Though the TV ad is currently on air, the final ad buy must be made on Thursday, and currently there aren’t enough funds to cover costs.

If you support the YES on Proposition 1 campaign and want to help us with this week’s last major push to secure a win for Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance, donate now.