New Yes on Prop 1 TV Ad Highlights Discrimination Faced By Houston Veteran

Today, we launch our third TV ad of the campaign, featuring Noel Freeman, a retired senior Airman in the United States Air Force who was denied a job in Houston simply because he served his country. Under the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, employers would be prohibited from discriminating against qualified veterans because of assumptions about post-traumatic stress disorder or political views on the nation’s wars.

Watch the ad here:

Freeman goes on to explain how, without a local tool like Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance to remedy discrimination, his only choice was to file a federal lawsuit. But pursuing a federal case was out of the question. “I was unemployed,” said Freeman. “Where am I going to find the money to hire a lawyer?”

Under the Equal Rights Ordinance, veterans must be afforded the same consideration from prospective employers as every other qualified applicant. Our nation’s veterans deserve the same opportunities to earn a living and support their families as everyone else.

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