Houstonians Seize National Night Out as an Opportunity to Mobilize the Community for YES on Prop 1

Every year, as many as 38 million neighbors in over 16 thousand communities come together for National Night Out (NNO) to make neighborhoods safer, better places to live.

This year we’re attending Houston’s NNO events with community members from around the city to talk to voters about the YES on Prop 1 campaign to protect Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).

Night Out Twitter

We’ll be convening at one of three meet-up locations to provide a brief training for volunteers before hitting the streets. The community outreach will be an opportunity to have real, face-to-face conversations with voters to hear their concerns about Proposition 1, and to dispel myths and false claims about what HERO actually does.

National Night Out is about bringing people together through events like cookouts, festivals, block parties, and exhibits. It’s about forging bonds with neighbors and building stronger communities where everyone feels safe, included and free to live their lives fully.

For all of these reasons, it’s the perfect venue for community conversations about HERO, the city ordinance which, in effect, serves the same function as NNO – to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live.

HERO is a local tool to help people deal with discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. If it is repealed on November 3rd, there will be no non-discrimination protections in the city of Houston on the basis of race, gender, military status, sexual orientation or gender identity – among 10 other currently protected classes.

If Houston is to maintain its reputation as a safe, welcoming and thriving city – open for business to all people – we need HERO on the books.

To join in the movement to win a YES vote on Proposition 1 and uphold HERO, sign-up to attend one of our National Night Out action events. Click here.