School District Trustee: Equal Rights Ordinance Helps us Build a Stronger Houston

Juliet Stipeche • Attorney & former Houston Independent School District HISD Board President

Native Houstonian Juliet Stipeche, an attorney, has always cared deeply about her local community: She has practiced medical malpractice law since 1999, worked for the Richard Tapia Center for Excellence and Equity at Rice University, and served on the Houston Independent School District (HISD) Board.

Through her work as an attorney, Juliet has consistently fought for human rights, always ready to serve people in need of assistance. “When I was in eighth grade, there was a little boy who was unfairly accused by a teacher of something that he didn’t do, and I remember standing up for him,” she said. “The teacher asked: ‘Who do you think you are – a lawyer?’ I had no idea what a lawyer was at the time, so this was a pivotal experience in my life. I remember thinking, ‘I’d like to be a lawyer.’”Stipeche 2

Now, Juliet is standing up for Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance because she believes that everyone in our diverse city should have the same opportunity for success. She knows that no Houstonian should be discriminated against based on race, age, pregnancy, religion, military status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or disability.

Juliet is guided by her faith, as a Christian with strong ties to her schooling and family, Juliet is deeply committed to following the “Golden Rule” – treating others like she would like to be treated. She’s reflected on the fact that Jesus taught Christians to love everyone – and she believes she can live her faith on November 3rd by casting a YES vote on Proposition 1 for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

Juliet Stipeche cropThe future of Texas, Juliet believes, should be one unequivocally committed to creating a city where everyone can earn a living, have a place to live, and build a better life.

“We are already a very diverse state, and in order for us to continue to bring in talent and economic opportunity, we need protections that say to present and future Texans: You will be protected from discrimination and harassment and can flourish and thrive in this great state. The children that I see already uphold values that are true to our nation’s highest goals and aspirations, and we, as adults, have much to learn from them.”

Stand with Juliet in supporting Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance: Sign our pledge in support of HERO and say you’ll vote “Yes” on 1!