Transport Workers Union Announces HERO Endorsement at Major Regional Conference

At this week’s Texas-Oklahoma State Conference, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) announced its steadfast support for Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.

TWU Twitter

With its HERO endorsement, TWU joins a long list of equal rights supporters. At the conference, Chair Latonia Paul Benoit issued a statement of support on behalf of the thousands of airline workers and members who live and visit Houston:

TWU has a long history of leadership on civil and human rights. At our core, this union believes that all people deserve to live and work in a society where they receive fair and equal treatment free from discrimination in the workplace, in housing, and in public and private businesses.

Grassroots support for Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance is as diverse as the city itself. In the past week alone, the ordinance has garnered public support from the Caribbean and Latino business communities, political figures representing the Asian American community, and prominent members of the African American community.

The ordinance has also received strong endorsements from major players in the private sector, including BBVA Compass Bank, The Dow Chemical Co., local developers and hospitality industry behemoths.

The YES on Proposition 1 campaign’s latest Neighbors Ad captures the diversity of HERO’s supporters on the screen. Watch it here:

With only 7 days left until the final ballots are cast on Proposition 1, and 20% of Houston voters still on the fence, we need to keep the Neighbors Ad on air through the weekend to ensure Houstonians know to vote YES to uphold HERO.

In order to execute our final campaign tactics and ensure a win at the polls, we are fundraising. To pitch in and help keep the campaign to protect HERO running strong, click here to donate $5.