Remember: VOTE YES on Houston’s Proposition 1 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, November 3, is Election Day, the day we’ve been building toward for the past two months. Across the city, Houstonians will be coming together to vote on Houston’s Proposition 1, which seeks to protect Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance and ensure that all people are protected from discrimination based on race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and 10 other classes.

Find your polling location HERE.

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The numbers are closer than ever – and even though we know we have majority support for a YES vote on HERO, polling numbers aren’t what matters. What matters is who comes out to vote – so it’s vital that you and every supporter of HERO that you know votes.

Bottom line: This election hinges on how many supporters we rally to the polls on Tuesday. We know we have a majority support. Just CLICK HERE to find your polling location for Tuesday and vote YES on Proposition 1.